How to be lucky: The movie!


This is my new TEDx talk : How to be lucky… focusing on Serendipity: where good fortune meets the prepared mind…

I tried to simplify networking and relationship building; to think about striving for clear simple, fast and brave decision making.

Where possible we should empower our gut feelings and take ownership for decisive decision-making. This includes encouraging our bravery, creativity and imagination as well as thinking through the risks.

If we don’t move towards The Edge we are taking up too much room…

In this complex world we have to unlock innate creativity and orientation to risk as a way of questioning this world and being part of the story, but not being purely at the mercy of economic or social dynamics.

We have to encourage ourselves to be strategic decision makers of course, but also to embrace flexibility, fast thinking and individualism.

We need to encourage a  “Heads-up, Hearts in Culture” where we and those around us,  are individuals with a growth mind-set, yet still involved in securing the success of ‘the team’ .

Surviving is about how people can work together strategically towards a common goal . Thriving is encouraging risk and gut decision-making without losing sight of the Survival part!

Make bold decisions … be ready, be responsive… be lucky!