I really had the best time in Brno at The Encounter festival organised by JAMU

If you ever find yourself in Czech republic in April you have to go to this brilliant festival. Essentially it is a collection of the best work from European (mostly) drama schools – full of energy, passion and risk.

I was on the international professional Jury of Theatre practitioners along with Christine, Fred, Christina and Jussi. We had the job (tough) of awarding four prizes to amongst 13 international student productions

Encounter has been in existence for 25 years and is run almost entirely by students from the school. It is a live project of fundraising and management that encompasses much of the students’ time at JAMU – the organising school.

These were the awards as we gave them – details of the productions are all listed on the Encounter website

Dreamspell (from Lithuania)

For the outstanding direction of a truly Ensemble work, guiding this talented company in creating a powerful choreographic, visual, sonic and vocal world. With a strong metaphysical dimension and spiritual quality, this highly original work was fully realised with craft, guile and imagination.

This award went to Kamile Gudmonaite for her direction of Dreamspell.

Talk to Me (From Slovakia)

 An award for a pair of actors who together created well balanced, clear, concrete and mature performances. This believable couple were fresh in their approach with a light touch and clearly articulated intentions. They contributed along with their excellent fellow actors to a production that was well directed, conceived and realised. The award went to Barbora Andresicova and Richard Autner in Talk to We

Road to Happiness (Germany)

For an authentic and dynamic actor who was as part of a convincing collective production that was realised with powerful vocal and physical articulation. A production that challenged and engaged our senses and sensibilities in expressing the unbearable happiness of our lives.

This award went to Sebastian Griegel 

 Hamlet (Hungary)

For the presence, intensity and energy in an interpretation renewing an iconic play in a truly contemporary way, we want to celebrate this original and united work with an award to the promising and exciting actor  for his performance in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

A feast of imagination I loved Encounter and cannot wait to go back…